Is pure gas operation also possible?

In Austria, the regulations for gas-powered food trailers are very strict. We recommend using electrical appliances here. In Germany the regulations are different and we can also offer all gastro appliances as gas versions.

How does the towing vehicle have to be constructed?

Depending on the model and the dead weight of the trailer, different towing vehicles are possible. From a dead weight of more than 2,5 tons, however, only heavy SUVs, off-road vehicles or trucks come into question. The towing vehicle must have a commercially available ball coupling and a 12V power supply for trailers. We use 7-pin plugs as standard.

What delivery time do I have to expect?

With our ETY food trailer, it normally takes 14 to 16 weeks from placing the order to delivery. However, there may be seasonal deviations. In the case of individual vintage Airstream conversions, the delivery time depends on the scope of the commissioned work.

Do you also do 3D visualizations?

Yes, we can offer 3D planning on request. However, since this can usually be very time-consuming, we have to calculate this work in advance. When the order is placed, these costs are offset against the total order.

Do you have vehicles in stock?

We produce to order and therefore, with the exception of our rental vehicles, generally do not have any vehicles in stock. You are welcome to view our rental vehicles by making an appointment.

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