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We have Airstream trailers for sale in various stages of expansion.

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Airstream 1949 entrance front right-2

Airstream Trail Wind 1949

1949 Museum quality Airstream TrailWind. Absolute rarity.

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Air Stream Sovereign 1978

Airstream Soverign in very good condition from 1978. 31 feet in length.

Airstream Bambi 1961 right side

Airstream Bambi 1961

Airstream Bambi from 1961 in very good condition and not tinkered with. Very rare model.

Airstram TradeWind outside right

Airstream Trade Wind 1960

Airstream TradeWind 1960. Polished shell and including original interior. Ideal for various projects ...

Food trailer ETY6 Airstream Lookalike flap gastro counter outside night total 3

Food trailer ETY6

Airstream Lookalike food trailer fully equipped in stainless steel including cooking and cooling devices.

Airstream Mobile Stage Sale 3

Mobile Airstream stage

Airstream Mobile Stage ideal for road shows.

Airstream food trailer food truck gastro total front

Premium Airstream gastro trailer

Individually designed Airstream food trailer in premium design.

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Air Stream Sovereign 1983

Airstream Sovereign with a new chassis as a mobile meeting room.


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Air Stream Sovereign 1970

1970 Airstream Sovereign 31 ft unrestored in original condition.


Airstream Sovereign 1983 28ft sale right side-3

Air Stream Sovereign 1983

A well-preserved shell and a layout with a lot of windows characterize this Airstream. Ideally adaptable as a tiny house.


Airstream Gastro Bar Trailer Safari 1968 exit flap door

Airstream Mobile Bar Premium

Airstream bar trailer with interior fittings made of stainless steel and oak.


Airstream Excella 1980 right side

Airstream Excella II 1980

Well-preserved Airstream Excella II from 1980.


Airstream Overlander 1958 front right 1

Airstream Overlander 1958

Very nice shell, absolutely glossy. Chassis in good condition considering its age.


Airstream Trade Wind 1975

Airstream caravan

The Airstream was completely rebuilt inside as a caravan.


Airstream Ambassador Tiny House Glamping

Airstream Tiny House G.

The Airstream was completely rebuilt inside as a static tiny house.


Airstream Safari Mobile Stage After Sunset

Airstream special construction - mobile stage

Airstream Mobile Stage - individually manufactured for the customer.


Airstream Tiny Home Buy Selling Caravan Mirror polished aluminum restored right side

Airstream Tiny House Y

The Airstream was completely rebuilt inside as a static tiny house.


Tiny House

Airstream Ambassador 1976

Very well preserved Airstream Ambassador with a nice shell and a very good chassis.


Air Stream Safari 1968

Air Stream Safari 1968

The Airstream is ideal for any kind of renovation project.


Airstream Overlander 1974 left

Airstream Overlander 1974


Airstream Safari 1966 Curbside Case

Air Stream Safari 1966


Airstram Souvereign 1970 Streetside Front

Air Stream Sovereign 1970



Airstream Overlander 1972


Airstream Sovereign 1972 streetside front

Air Stream Sovereign 1972


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Customer opinions:

I am currently struggling with the restoration of my Airstream caravan. No matter what I ask, I always get a quick and competent answer and, above all, valuable tips for me. Absolutely great. I'm really glad that such professional and personable craftsmen still exist.
Really recommendable ... ....


Thomas Stuhr

Professional, courteous and realistically priced. Super happy with my 58 Overlander. If you love airstreams, you've come to the right place. Stephen from Bayreuth

Stephen Henry

We are absolutely happy and very satisfied with our new Airstreamer bar, which was individually expanded according to our wishes. "Tom's Vintage Trailer GmbH" convinced us with its competence and after a tour of his company, it was clear to us that it was the right decision to hire him! Tom turned the completely burnt out trailer into a real eye-catcher and the interior was also implemented to a high quality. The communication was always uncomplicated and unproblematic, the advice was extremely friendly and the cooperation was perfect. Glad we came across such a professional handyman !! In summary, simply a great service with a mega-moderate end product! In any case, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


Linda Restaurateur

Other Airstream Mobile on request:

Unrestored / As is

Together with our partners in the USA, we import the best currently available vintage trailers into the EU. If you already have specific ideas, very specific models can be found for you. And all of that without risk. You order - we deliver. You pay when the trailer meets your requirements.

The product range includes vehicles in which only the shell is in good condition and which are empty on the inside, but otherwise in good overall condition. We also offer vehicles that have already been restored in the USA for sale. These are particularly cost-effective for converting into fixed holiday homes or for use as a caravan.

Converted for use in the EU

All of the above models can be converted to operate on EU roads before being sold. The axles are swapped, whereby only branded products from Knott and Alko are used. In addition, the electronic brake system commonly used in the USA is being converted to an overrun brake. The trailer coupling must be replaced in any case, as the dimensions of the ball head do not comply with European standards.

If the conversion is commissioned at the time of purchase, you should calculate a conversion time of 4-8 weeks so that the high-gloss trailer is ready for your event on time.

See: To the bone - repair of frames and axles

Do you want an Airstream trailer? - We build according to your wishes!

If you've decided to get one Airstream buy Tom's Vintage Trailers GmbH offers an all-in-one service for the entire renovation. This is implemented with our competent partners from the local economy according to your individual ideas.

You are planning an event, a roadshow, a trade fair appearance - we deliver the optimally adapted promotion trailer for you.

You want to offer mobile food or upgrade your catering service with a shiny food trailer designed exclusively for you -

You want one Airstream? You have come to the right place.

Food trailers in particular make great demands on the stability of the frame due to their high dead weight. In addition, precise planning of the interior is required in advance, because different hygiene regulations have to be observed depending on the country and the durability of the expected intensive use of your trailer must also be guaranteed.

If you have decided on a food trailer, you can be sure of a brilliant performance. With a vintage trailer, you will make your competition look old. It is a unique eye-catcher at every event.

Airstreams already converted by us for a specific purpose for sale.

Again and again we offer trailers that have already been developed for a very specific purpose Sales at. With these vehicles, you don't have to compromise on price or delivery time.

Here you can get your dream trailer in no time.

All of the above offers can of course be delivered within the EU at your request. Offer on request.

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