Airstream | To the Bone | Frame and axles

Before we get into that modification of frame and axles at Airstream Dedicate trailers, a few notes in advance:

Due to the age of the Airstream models we use, leaks due to twisting of the outer shell are not uncommon. These lead to the fact that water can penetrate into the area of ​​the base plate up to the frame, which in turn is usually heavily affected by rust.

Airstream frame:

Airstream | To the Bone | Frame and axles 1
Airstream | To the Bone | Frame and axles 2

Due to the aluminum cladding of the underbody, the condition of the frame cannot be adequately assessed from the outside.

The texture will too not checked during approval (TÜV).

This means that even a vehicle that has already been registered can have serious defects that are not visible from the outside. That is why we check every frame and, if necessary, repair or completely replace it.

The area under the wet room is particularly at risk here. The sub-floor usually has to be replaced here as well.


The frame is essential for the operational safety of a vehicle. Therefore, you shouldn't make any compromises here.

Special bodies

Especially for stage vehicles or food trucks, a new frame dimensioned for the load of the desired interior is usually the better and safer solution.

This can be galvanized in an immersion bath and is therefore reliable and functional for many years. The good news is that you can order a custom-made new frame for your Airstream directly from us.

Airstream axles and coupling

In the vast majority of Airstream models, the axles are very far back. This results in a (in Europe mostly too) high vertical load. With the original superstructures it is very often 200 - 350 kg. In Europe, 75-150 kg is common.

In addition, the electronic brake system common in the USA must be converted to the European standard (overrun brake). Products from Knott or ALKO are used here.

Once all of this conversion work has been completed, nothing stands in the way of the safe and long-term use of your Airstream and you can concentrate on your business.


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