Airstream Foodtrailer 4 sale

With an original Airstream or a budget-friendly Airstream Lookalike Foodtrailer ETY, we are sure to have the right vehicle for you! No matter what you choose, individual interior design is standard with us. Your trailer should also be as unique as your business. Offers: Quality made in Austria! Whether Airstream or ETY, the interior design in Austria ... Continue reading …

Cool food trailer ETY with individual interior design

Cool food trailer ETY with individual interior fittings 3

Do you want to buy a food trailer?

We present our ETY - the sales trailer with a retro look!

The cool look of the food trailer ETY combines US design from the 60s with modern elements. Whether burgers, pasta dishes, sausages, cocktails or other specialties - with the ETY you always attract attention and have a corresponding head start over the competition.

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Buy Airstream | Sale | for sale

We have Airstream trailers available for sale in various stages of expansion. Buy Airstream | for sale: Other Airstream Mobile on request: Unrestored / As is Converted for use in the EU Expanded according to your wishes Already converted by us for a specific purpose Unrestored / As is We import together with our ... Continue reading …

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