Food trailer ETY 6 | Rental

Use our incomparable food trailer ETY 6 for your mobile food project!

With its retro design, the ETY is right on trend and guarantees the desired attention for your mobile food business.

No matter where, with the ETY you will set yourself apart from the competition!

Food trailer ETY6 Airstream Lookalike flap gastro counter outside night total 5
Food trailer ETY6 Airstream Lookalike flap gastro counter

The basic equipment includes, among other things, a professional 260L gastro cooling table, 2 substructure refrigerators, 2 substructure freezers, a hand wash basin and a sink, a locker, 3 liter boiler, water pump, 2 water canisters, LED lighting and much more.

We only use high-quality gastro equipment from well-known manufacturers!

Use our transport service: We bring the gastrotrailer to its place of use!

Individual branding on request!

ETY_6_Floor plan
ETY_6_Floor plan

Equipment equipping food trailer ETY 6:

On a total of 320 cm you have the possibility to equip the ETY individually with devices. Whether burgers, crepes, fries, sausages or Asian, we have the right device configuration for you.

Here are some tips before starting the mobile food business:

Model: ETY 6
Overall length: 6,8 m,
Body length 5,5 m
Height: 2,50 m
Width: 2,30 m
Empty weight: 1500-2500 kg depending on the equipment
Perm. Total weight: 1800-3000 kg
Supply: electric 380V 32A

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