Cool food trailer ETY with individual interior design

Cool food trailer ETY with individual interior fittings 1

Do you want to buy a food trailer?

We present our ETY - the sales trailer with a retro look!

The cool look of the food trailer ETY combines US design from the 60s with modern elements. Whether burgers, pasta dishes, sausages, cocktails or other specialties - with the ETY you always attract attention and have a corresponding head start over the competition.


The external appearance of the trailer is your calling card.

The ETY is similar to an Airstream, but it is manufactured using modern GRP technology. Thanks to the 3 cm thick, sandwich construction, we do not have to compromise on stability, insulation and durability.

Tip: Individual branding is important in order to stand out from the competition.

We would be happy to advise you on this!

We manufacture ETY exactly according to your wishes.

The ETY is available in body lengths between 4,5 and 7 meters. Up to 5,5 m, it is available as a one-axle trailer above that as a two-axle trailer.

The painting is possible in all shades, the shape impresses with its elegance.

In order to be able to meet your needs in the best possible way, many door, window and flap variants are conceivable and possible.

TÜV approval and reports are of course included.

Do not make any compromises when it comes to the interior fittings of your gastro trailer!

Configure your ETY individually, because only you know exactly how to work most efficiently. Storage space, equipment and counters - we will work with you to create a concept that we will then implement in the highest quality.

The entire interior is made of stainless steel. This ensures easy cleaning and a long service life.

A large extractor hood including an exhaust air motor and control unit, a personal locker, a sink and hand wash basin with a hot water boiler are part of the standard equipment. We would be happy to advise you on equipping you with refrigerators and GN1 catering equipment.

Impress your guests with the latest lighting in LED technology, info screens and music in HiFi quality.

Buy ETY food trailers:

ETY 5 black and white


The compact tool for all kinds of food and drinks.

Color: individually selectable
Total length: 6,3 m
Body length: 5 m

Price: from € 64.990 excl. VAT.

Food trailer ETY6 Airstream Lookalike flap gastro counter outside total 6


Medium size, universally applicable.

Color: individually selectable
Total length: 7,3 m
Body length: 6 m

Price: from € 74.990 excl. VAT.

ETY 7 black side


Our flagship.
Extreme productivity and extensive equipment.

Color: individually selectable
Total length: 8,3 m
Body length: 7 m

Price: from € 84.990 excl. VAT.

Here are some tips before starting the mobile food business:

Furthermore, we also manufacture individually developed vintage at the customer's request Airstream food trailer for high demands.

Model: Foodtrailer ETY
Total length: 5,8 - 8,30 m, body length 4,5 - 7 m
Height: 2,70 m
Width: 2,30 m
Empty weight: 1500-2500 kg depending on the equipment
Perm. Total weight: 1800-3000 kg
Supply: Optionally electric (220 / 13A or 380V 32A), gas or a combination of both

FAQ's food trailer sales

In Austria, the regulations for gas-powered food trailers are very strict. We recommend using electrical appliances here. In Germany the regulations are different and we can also offer all gastro appliances as gas versions.

Our trailers are equipped with a fixed water connection for fresh water and a connection for waste water, but in specific cases can also be operated with water tank systems.

That depends largely on the intended use. While event vehicles are typically operated with 220V / 13 or 16 A, a 400 V / 16 or 32 A connection is typical for food trailers.

Depending on the requirements, there are many configuration options here, including with gas.

Depending on the model and the weight of the trailer, different towing vehicles can be used.

From a dead weight of more than 2,5 tons, however, only heavy SUVs, off-road vehicles or trucks come into question.

The towing vehicle must have a commercially available ball coupling and a 12V power supply for trailers. We use 7-pin plugs as standard.

Yes, we offer the transport of the vehicles. Please ask for an individual offer.

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