Airstream caravan based on TradeWind 1975

Airstream Trade Wind 1975
Airstream Trade Wind 1975

Individual Airstream caravan conversion.

Special features

3-fold bunk bed

The requirement for this conversion was that there must be space for 6 adults and 2 children to sleep on the ~ 2 m body length. We solved this challenge with a triple bunk bed in the rear. The 3 berths, which are fitted into the curve, are very spacious and visually harmonious for children. We still have plenty of storage space under the bed.

Airstream innovative triple bunk bed-3
Innovative triple bunk bed in the Airstream caravan

Complete interior made of solid wood veneer

In contrast to conventional caravan interior fittings, we only use solid wood, which has clear advantages in terms of durability and stability.


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